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65+ Angela Duckworth Quotes & Images (PERSEVERE)

Whether you’re looking for a motivational grit quote or a powerful saying about perseverance… you’ll find the perfect quote image down below. Check out the free printables to hang up around your space for positivity

Angela Duckworth Grit Quotes

famous quote endurance is rare angela duckworth

1. “Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.” – Angela Duckworth

consistency is everything short saying

2. “Consistency of effort over the long run is everything.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth tolerate a little bit of pain

3. “If you’re never able to tolerate a little bit of pain and discomfort, you’ll never get better.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth what we do with our potential caption

4. “Our potential is one thing. What we do with it is quite another.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth do things better grit quotation

5. “Do things better than they have ever been done before.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth twice as talented but half as hardworking

6. “Someone twice as talented but half as hardworking as another person might reach the same level of skill but still produce dramatically less over time.” – Angela Duckworth

deciding what not to do quotation

7. “Every successful person has to decide what to do in part by deciding what not to do.” – Angela Duckworth

achievement of excellence through grit angela duckworth quote

8. “Grit holds special significance for the achievement of excellence.” – Angela Duckworth

grit quote about sticking with things for motivation

9. “Really, what matters in the long run is sticking with things and working daily to get better at them.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth dont believe failure is a permanent condition

10. “People with grit don’t believe that failure is a permanent condition.” – Angela Duckworth

effort makes skill productive inspirational quotation

11.With effort, talent becomes skill and, at the same time, effort makes skill productive.” – Angela Duckworth

show you the hours and hours of becoming grit quote

12. “Nobody wants to show you the hours and hours of becoming. They’d rather show the highlight of what they’ve become.” – Angela Duckworth

Printable Angela Duckworth Quotes

printable quotes from angela duckworth

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motivational quotes to print and hang up around home office

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Captions & Sayings About Growth

daily routines help when do something hard saying

13. “HABITS: Routines are a godsend when it comes to doing something hard.” – Angela Duckworth

inspirational mindset advice from angela duckworth

14. “Experts are more interested in what they did wrong – so they can fix it – than what they did right.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth being an expert quotation to motivate

15. “I learned that being a ‘promising beginner’ is fun, but being an actual expert is infinitely more gratifying.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth quote image to define the word talent

16. “I define talent as the rate at which you get better at something when you try. To be very talented means you get better faster and more easily than other people or other things that you try.” – Angela Duckworth

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deliberate practice is for preparation angela duckworth

17.Deliberate practice is for preparation, and flow is for performance.” – Angela Duckworth

 angela duckworth inspiring words about finding your passion

18. “It is important to realize that the process of ‘fostering’ a passion takes trial and error. It takes experience; you cannot do it all in your head. And it takes a long time.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth wish you did things better learning quote

19. “Wishing you did things better is extremely common during learning.” – Angela Duckworth

eeply connected to the world beyond themselves quotation

20. “Most gritty people see their world ultimate aims as deeply connected to the world beyond themselves.” – Angela Duckworth

quote iamge about stretching at the edge of your comfort zone

21. “Gritty people train at the edge of their comfort zone. They zero in on one narrow aspect of their performance and set a stretch goal to improve it.” – Angela Duckworth

doing one thing better and better quote for inspiration

22. “It soon became clear that doing one thing better and better might be more satisfying than staying an amateur at many different things.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth dont mindlessly going through the motions

23. “Mindlessly going through the motions without improvement – can be its own form of suffering.” – Angela Duckworth

actively deepen your interest in what you are interested in

24. “You cannot will yourself to be interested in something you’re not interested in. But you can actively discover and deepen your interest.” – Angela Duckworth

Motivational Angela Duckworth Quotes

angela duckworth experts start as beginners quote

25. “Even the most accomplished of experts start out as unserious beginners.” – Angela Duckworth

motivational caption about believing in yourself

26. “When people tell me I can’t do something, I have a visceral reflex to say, Yes, I can.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth inspiriational words about putting in the effort

27. “Nobody gets to be good at something without effort, no matter what your aptitude is.” – Angela Duckworth

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consistency over perfection quote to print
angela duckworth find what is worth struggling for

28. “There’s something about taking the path of least resistance that makes a lot of sense. But at the same time, we have to figure out which things in life are worth struggling through.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth choose what to do saying

29. “There’s this really awesome theory of human motivation – that human beings all want three things. One is to be competent, one is to belong, and one is be free, as in to have choice: to not be told what to do but to choose what to do.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth how much it effort matters caption

30. “Everybody knows that effort matters. What was revelatory to me was how much it mattered.” – Angela Duckworth

effort is everything motivational mindset quotation

31. “Without effort, your talent is nothing more than unmet potential. Without effort, your skill is nothing more than what you could have done but didn’t.” – Angela Duckworth

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dazzling human achievements quotation to inspire

32. “Most dazzling human achievements are, in fact, the aggregate of countless individual elements, each of which is, in a sense, ordinary.” – Angela Duckworth

Career & Work Quotes By Angela Duckworth

work in pencil angela duckworth quote image

33. “You may choose to write your top-level goal in indelible ink, but until you know for sure, work in pencil.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth better time on task quote about work

34. “Not just more time on task, but also better time on task.” – Angela Duckworth

practicing leads to things becoming automatic

35. “If you keep practicing in the same time and place, what once took conscious thought to initiate becomes automatic.” – Angela Duckworth

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angela duckworth importance of deliberate practice caption

36. “Many people are cruising through life doing precisely zero hours of deliberate practice.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth how you see your work caption

37. “How you see your work is more important than your job title.” – Angela Duckworth

freedom to figure out what you enjoy inspiring words

38. “At the start of an endeavor, we need encouragement and freedom to figure out what we enjoy.” – Angela Duckworth

love what you do quote for motivation

39. “One thing that’s true of gritty people is they love what they do, and they keep loving what they do. So they’re not just in love for a day or a week. People who are really gritty – they’re still interested.” – Angela Duckworth

go from job to career to calling saying

40. “You can go from job to career to calling – all without changing your occupation.” – Angela Duckworth

driven to help others quote image for inspiration

41. “You can want to be a top dog and, at the same time, be driven to help others.” – Angela Duckworth

Powerful Quotes About Perseverance

effort counts tremendous in the marathon of life

42. “When it comes to how we fare in the marathon of life, effort counts tremendously.” – Angela Duckworth

passion and perseverance is possible quotation

43. “Developing passion and perseverance is possible for anyone and everyone.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth constructive feelings of learning

44. “Negative feelings are typical of learning, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re stupid when you’re frustrated doing something. You might say to yourself, ‘I can’t do this,’ but you should say, ‘That’s great.’ That means you really have the potential to learn something there.” – Angela Duckworth

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grit prevails angela duckworth quotation

45. “At various points, in big ways and small, we get knocked down. If we stay down, grit loses. If we get up, grit prevails.” – Angela Duckworth

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enemy of long term passion and perseverance caption

46. “We all recognize effortless entertainment is the enemy of long-term passion and perseverance.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth getting up quote about gritty people

47. “The hope that gritty people have has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with getting up again.” – Angela Duckworth

stamina in your direction angela duckworth

48. “Grit, in a word, is stamina. But it’s not just stamina in your effort. It’s also stamina in your direction, stamina in your interests. If you are working on different things but all of them very hard, you’re not really going to get anywhere. You’ll never become an expert.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth daily discipline quote image about perseverance

49. “One form of perseverance is the daily discipline of trying to do things better than we did yesterday.” – Angela Duckworth

Inspirational Angela Duckworth Quotations

angela duckworth courage that counts quote

50. “Success is never final; failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.” – Angela Duckworth

one internal compass for success angela duckworth

51. “You need ONE internal compass – not two, three, four, or five.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth optimistic young adults quote

52.Optimistic young adults stay healthier throughout middle age and, ultimately, live longer than pessimists.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth developing a passion quote for students

53. “If you are a young person who is wanting to develop a passion, you cannot expect anyone else to tell you what that passion would be.” – Angela Duckworth

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young interests need energizing and refinement quotation

54. “Our early interests are fragile, vaguely defined, and in need of energetic, years-long cultivation and refinement.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth resolution to make tomorrow better

55. “I have a feeling tomorrow will be better is different from I resolve to make tomorrow better.” – Angela Duckworth

lessons to keep on going and overcome failures

56. “I learned a lesson I’d never forget. The lesson was that, when you have setbacks and failures, you can’t overreact to them.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth temporary setbacks quote

57. “Do not let temporary setbacks become permanent excuses.” – Angela Duckworth

Short Angela Duckworth Quotes

improve through deliberate practice short quote

58. “Great performers in every domain improve through deliberate practice.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth overcoming hopelessness mindset quotation

59. “It isn’t suffering that leads to hopelessness. It’s suffering you think you can’t control.” – Angela Duckworth

shortcuts to true excellence short quote image

60. “There are no shortcuts to true excellence.” – Angela Duckworth

enjoying what you do leads to passion qutoe

61. “Passion begins with intrinsically enjoying what you do.” – Angela Duckworth

effort counts twice short quote for motivation

62. “As much as talent counts, effort counts twice.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth lack of grit quote

63. “A lack of grit can come from having less coherent goal structures.” – Angela Duckworth

short quote image for motivation about no excuses

64. “No whining. No complaining. No excuses.” – Angela Duckworth

angela duckworth resist complacency short grit quote

65. “To be gritty is to resist complacency.” – Angela Duckworth

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