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52+ Barbara Corcoran Quotes On Life & Business

Get inspired to start a business, chase your dreams or be more self-confident with these amazing quotes! I chose some of my favorite quotes and made them into printables to hang up around your space for motivation. Grab them for free down below…

Barbara Corcoran Real Estate Quotes

success barbara corcoran quote about business

1. “Make sure you pick good people to build your business with, as they’ll determine 80 percent of your success.” – Barbara Corcoran

the guilt of not doing something quotation

2. “Procrastination is the enemy of success and the guilt of not doing something always steals your energy.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran real estate quotation

3. “Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they’re interested in buying it. Get out of your car, walk in their shoes and see what they see within the first eight seconds.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran no loan is free quote

4. “No loan is free. The costs are in your loan somewhere, maybe rolled into the amount to be refinanced or even coming at a higher interest rate.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran quote about brand identity

5. “I did everything in my power to give my brokers brand identity and clout in the market. I saw my job as a parent to build them up and if I took care of them, then they would take care of their customer.” – Barbara Corcoran

real estate broker barbara corcoran quotation

6. “I had probably seven agents by the time I became a legitimate real estate broker.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran saying about listing your house

7. “If your house has been on the market for more than four months, take it off the market and re-list it in two months as ‘new.'” – Barbara Corcoran

price is the most influential factor in selling a home saying

8. “The most influential factor in selling a home is always price. Don’t build ‘wiggle room’ into the asking price. There’s a price war out there and you have to win it from the get-go.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran buying with your heart quotation

9. “Buy with your heart, not your head. You can look at all the aspects that make a purchase practical, but that kind of thinking makes it an investment rather than a home.” – Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran Printable Wall Art

inspirational printable quote from barbara corcoran

If you have a vision board or want to hang up some motivational quotes around your desk or home… I made a super easy to download PDF with my favorite Barbara Corcoran quotes

printable barbara corcoran wall art for home office

Here’s how to print:

  • Download the PDF down below
  • Print off on heavy-weight, US Letter paper
  • Hang them up around your home office, desk, fridge, or anywhere for extra motivation throughout the day

Shark Tank Quotes

barbara corcoran bad pitches quotation

10. “Some of the worst pitches are the people who talk all fancy who’ve been to business school.” – Barbara Corcoran

building a business commitment barbara corcoran saying

11. “When you’re building a business, you’re either all in, or you’re not.” – Barbara Corcoran

entrepreneurship quote about having success

12. “I hate entrepreneurs with beautiful business plans.” – Barbara Corcoran

dont get over confident barbara corcora caption

13. “Don’t get cocky just because you’ve had a good run. You can lose your business as fast as you’ve earned it.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran shark tank quote about being an entrepreneur

14. “You can’t study to be an entrepreneur. Sometimes, you just have to jump.” – Barbara Corcoran

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people smarts in business quotation

15. “Your people smarts will prove ten times more valuable than all the book smarts you can’t get.” – Barbara Corcoran

your heart must be in it shark tank quote

16. “Your heart must always be in it. That’s part of an entrepreneurs DNA.” – Barbara Corcoran

business mindset quote about success

17. “The biggest challenge in business is not the competition, it’s what goes on inside your own head” – Barbara Corcoran

marketing your business shark tank quotation

18. “The most effective way to build a brand is not by spending millions in advertising, but by finding a clever way to keep your name in the press.” – Barbara Corcoran

Success & Business Captions

barbara corcoran best successes quote

19. “My best successes came on the heels of failures.” – Barbara Corcoran

believe in yourself short quote image

20. “Don’t you dare underestimate the power of your own instinct.” – Barbara Corcoran

make up your own rules barbara corcoran

21. “It’s your game. Make up your own rules.” – Barbara Corcoran

successful people positive mindset success caption

22. “The difference between successful people and others is how long they spend time feeling sorry for themselves.” – Barbara Corcoran

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barbara corcoran rejection is a lucky charm

23. “I consider rejection a lucky charm.” – Barbara Corcoran

push through failure in business quote to inspire

24. “Every time you push through failure there’s always a prize for you on the other side.” – Barbara Corcoran

have a great winning attitude short caption

25. “The truth is you can teach any skill, but you cannot change a bad attitude .” – Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran Quotes On Confidence

more capable than you think you are barbara corcoran

26. “The hardest lessons to learn is that you’re more capable than you think you are.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran be yourself quote to inspire

27. “Everyone recognizes and responds well to people who act like themselves. You don’t have to be fancy, you just have to be yourself.” – Barbara Corcoran

dont live with regrets mindset saying

28.Just go for it. You don’t want to end up with regret.” – Barbara Corcoran

successful mindset to push through failure saying

29. “When you think you’re failing, you feel like people are watching you. I found that nobody is watching and all they care about is themselves.” – Barbara Corcoran

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barbara corcoran authenticity in yourself

30. “Never be ashamed of who you are. People always recognize and appreciate authenticity.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran strength of rejection quote

31. “All the best things that happened to me after I was rejected. I knew the power of getting past no.” – Barbara Corcoran

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dont waste time worrying self confidence quotation

32. “Play what you’ve got and don’t waste time worrying about what you don’t.” – Barbara Corcoran

Hard Work Quotes For Inspiration

dont work for the love of money barbara corcoran

33. “If you’re working for the love of money, you won’t ever get any.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran starting a business quote

34. “The story of my billion-dollar business starts like this. I borrowed $1,000 from a friend.” – Barbara Corcoran

mind your business barbara corcoran quotation

35. “If you’re minding someone else’s business, no one is minding yours.” – Barbara Corcoran

you need street smarts and grit barbara corcoran

36. “You don’t need an MBA to launch a business. You need street smarts and grit.” – Barbara Corcoran

weakness into greatest strength barbara corcoran quote

37. “I have a theory and I really believe it. I think your worst weakness can become your greatest single strength.” – Barbara Corcoran

learn and grow the most quote for self confidence

38.Don’t be afraid to go for positions, jobs, or take on clients just outside of your knowledge base. It’s when you’re uncomfortable that you learn and grow the most.” – Barbara Corcoran

Leadership Mindset Quotations

barbara corcoran lead by example inspirational

39. “People imitate their leader. Lead by example.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran keep going saying for leaders

40. “People stayed with me and worked extra hard for me because I could see the potential in them – I’m not so sure they could see the potential in me.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran choosing attitude over experience

41. “Always choose attitude over experience. Always.” – Barbara Corcoran

camaraderie saying about teamwork and leadership

42. “The joy is in the getting there. The beginning years of starting your business, the camaraderie when you’re in the pit together, are the best years of your life.” – Barbara Corcoran

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barbara corcoran creative culture leadership saying

43. “If you want to have a creative culture, you can’t get it by reading books. You get it by example.” – Barbara Corcoran

leaders try hard to be exceptional quote

44. “Good leaders are not born, they are people who try hard to be exceptional.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran good leadership team caption

45. “Leaders come in two flavors. Expanders and containers. The best leadership teams have a mix of both.” – Barbara Corcoran

Short Barbara Corcoran Quotes

taking chances barbara corcoran short inspirational saying

46. “Taking chances almost always makes for happy endings.” – Barbara Corcoran

hard work and good judgement quote

47. “Luck is a byproduct of hard work and good judgement.” – Barbara Corcoran

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barbara corcoran great attitude quote

48. “You can catch a great attitude from great people.” – Barbara Corcoran

finding opportunity quote to change your mindset

49.Finding opportunity is a matter of believing it’s there.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran new york city quote image

50. “In New York City, the meek don’t inherit the earth. The big mouth does.” – Barbara Corcoran

insecurity is a great motivator short saying

51. “Insecurity is a wonderful motivator.” – Barbara Corcoran

barbara corcoran best time to expand

52. “The best time to expand is when people are asleep at the wheel.” – Barbara Corcoran

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