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42+ Iconic Paris Hilton Quotes

From the girl who does it all, take some time to scroll through the best Paris Hilton quotes I could find! If you grew up watching Paris like I did, you’ll see plenty of her iconic sayings below… Don’t forget to check out the free printable quotes I have been working on at the end of this post

Quotes To Boost Your Confidence

paris hilton confidence quote

1. “I think it’s important for girls to be confident. Believe in yourself and… everybody’s hot.” – Paris Hilton

paris hilton iconic blonde saying

2. “There’s nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde, like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana, and right now, I’m that icon.” – Paris Hilton

confidence is sexy saying from paris hilton

3. “No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she’s sexy.” – Paris Hilton

life is short to blend in caption

4. “The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.” – Paris Hilton

people are still obsessed with me quote

5. “It’s not my fault if people are still obsessed with me.” – Paris Hilton

paris hilton thats when you know youre the best

6. “When people you don’t even know hate you, that’s when you know you’re the best.” – Paris Hilton

walk around with confidence quote

7. “Always walk around like you have on an invisible tiara.” – Paris Hilton

paris hilton living proof blondes are not stupid

8. “I’m very intelligent. I’m capable of doing everything put to me. I’ve launched a perfume and want my own hotel chain. I’m living proof blondes are not stupid.” – Paris Hilton

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i am the original saying for self confidence

9. “There are so many people out there who try to imitate what I do but I am the original.” – Paris Hilton

grown up and in a serious relationship quote

10. “Being grown up and in a serious relationship, I’ve learned so much. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.” – Paris Hilton

Funny Paris Hilton Quotes

paris hilton funny walmart quotation

11. “What’s Walmart, do they sell like wall stuff?” – Paris Hilton

so much better than having work silly saying

12. “This is so much better than having to work. I love it.” – Paris Hilton

don't take yourself all that seriously quote

13. “I take my dog Tinkerbell seriously. I take my job seriously. But I don’t take myself all that seriously.” – Paris Hilton

paris hilton funny no i shop saying

14. “People always ask me, like, ‘Do you work out?’ and I’m like, ‘No, I shop.'” – Paris Hilton

sweet shy funny paris hilton short saying

15. “I’m blonde and tanned and normal-sized! I’m sweet, shy, funny, have a big heart and I’m nice – and I like to eat.” – Paris Hilton

good british people have plain names funny saying

16. “All British people have plain names, and that works pretty well over there.” – Paris Hilton

hope you all like the dinner i ironed

17. “I hope you all like the dinner I ironed.” – Paris Hilton

acting like one paris hilton quotation image

18. “You don’t have to be an heiress to look like one, if you act like one then everyone will just presume you are one.” – Paris Hilton

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Pet Quotes From Paris

crazy dream about animals quotation

19. “A lot of my dreams have to do with animals I think because I’m such a huge animal lover. I have so many pets. I always have crazy dreams where I’m like riding an elephant through the jungle or hanging out with a bunch of monkeys.” – Paris Hilton

quote from paris hilton animal lover

20. “First, I wanted to be a veterinarian, and then I realized you had to give them shots to put them to sleep, so I decided I’d just buy a bunch of animals and have them in my house instead.” – Paris Hilton

animal lover dad paris hilton quote

21. “When I was younger, my family would go camping and fishing on our ranches. My dad loves being around all kinds of animals. He’s the one who got me to be a really big animal lover.” – Paris Hilton

Short Quotes

that's hot paris hilton short iconic saying

22. “That’s Hot!” – Paris Hilton

never give up on things that make you smile

23. “Never give up on the things that make you smile.” – Paris Hilton

funny short quote from paris

24. “I don’t really think. I just walk.” – Paris Hilton

paris short quotation for self confidence

25. “Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.” – Paris Hilton

barbie looking good doing it quote

26. “Barbie is my role model. She might not do anything, but she looks good doing it.” – Paris Hilton

paris hilton dont pollute saying

27. “That is Earth. It’s hot. Don’t pollute.” – Paris Hilton

paris hilton looking in a mirror self confidence caption

28. “Never pass a mirror without looking in it.” – Paris Hilton

every day like its your birthday caption

29. “The way I see it, you should live every day like it’s your birthday.” – Paris Hilton

dont want to be known as the heiress

30. “I don’t want to be known as the Hilton heiress, because I didn’t do anything for that.” – Paris Hilton

paris hilton beauty quote

31. “If you have a beautiful face you don’t need fake boobs to get anyone’s attention” – Paris Hilton

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Dumb Paris Hilton Quotes

paris hilton dumb quotation

32. “I pretend to be on the phone all the time so people don’t talk to me.” – Paris Hilton

im not the same person i was

33. “I’m not the same person I was. I used to act dumb. It was an act. I am 26 years old, and that act is no longer cute.” – Paris Hilton

we are smart blondes quotation

34. “I play dumb like Jessica Simpson plays dumb. We know exactly what we’re doing. We’re smart blondes.” – Paris Hilton

paris hilton just be like thats hot quote

35. “If you don’t even know what to say, just be like, ‘That’s hot.'” – Paris Hilton

Friendship Quotes By Paris

girl friend quotes from paris hilton

36. “The best accessories a girl can have are her closest friends .” – Paris Hilton

the only people you need in your life quote

37. “The only people you need in your life are the ones that prove they need you in theirs.” – Paris Hilton

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party hard with friends paris hilton quote

38. “All you have to do in life is go out with your friends, party hard, and look twice as good as the bitch standing next to you. ” – Paris Hilton

i don’t like going out paris hilton saying

39. “I really don’t like going out anymore. I used to love it, but now it’s not fun. I’d rather have friends come over and not have to worry about crazy people taking pictures.” – Paris Hilton

creative outgoing personality quote image

40. “I’m just a very creative and outgoing person and I love being around people and being around music. It just gives me energy.” – Paris Hilton

paris hilton best friend short saying

41. “I’m the nicest, most loyal person in the world when it comes to my friends.” – Paris Hilton

friendships paris hilton saying

42. “I get along with guys; most of my friends are guys. It’s easier to trust men sometimes. I only have a few close girlfriends that I trust.” – Paris Hilton

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