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72+ Robin Sharma Quotes & Images ( MINDSET )

Get inspired to adopt a new mindset and find the inspiration you need to start making positive changes in your life! I made four of my favorite quotes into a free printable to hang up around your home office, on the fridge, or add them to your vision board! Download them and let me know what you think…

Leadership Quotes By Robin Sharma

never stop improving quote from robin sharma

1. “Because the moment you stop doing the very things that got you to the top of the mountain is the very moment you begin the slid down to the valley.” – Robin Sharma

best leaders lift people up quotation to inspire

2. “The best leaders lift people up versus tear people down.” – Robin Sharma

leadership is about impact influence and inspiration quote

3. “Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration.” – Robin Sharma

everyone is influencing people around them saying

4. “Everyone is influencing the people around them one way or another.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma leadership culture quotation

5. “A leadership culture is one where everyone thinks like an owner, a CEO or a managing director. It’s one where everyone is entrepreneurial and proactive.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma leaders are dedicated learners

6. “The best leaders are the most dedicated learners. Read great books daily.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma making a difference by leading

7. “Leadership is no longer about your position. It’s now more about your passion for excellence and making a difference You can lead without a title.” – Robin Sharma

use tough times to fly inspirational quote

8. “To the victim, adversity is bad. To the leader and warrior, hard times are life’s richest times of growth, opportunity, and possibility. Use them to fly.” – Robin Sharma

leader deliver results quote for motivation

9. “Victims make excuses. Leaders deliver results.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma greatness from following through

10. “Leadership and greatness comes to those who follow-through. Who stand for near-flawless execution.” – Robin Sharma

leaders develop solutions quote from robin sharma

11. “Victims recite problems. Leaders develop solutions. That might seem like common sense, but common sense is rarely common practice.” – Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma Printable Wall Art

free printable quotes from robin sharma

I love hanging these up around my desk and I even put a few up on the fridge every so often! You can download the pdf below or you can grab all of the printable quotes I’ve made so far at the very bottom of the post…

free motivational sayings to print from robin sharma

Here’s how to print:

  • Download the PDF below
  • Print off on heavy-weight paper
  • Trim along the cutmarks
  • Hang them up around your space to inspire a motivated and positive mindset throughout your day

Success In Life & Bussiness Sayings

robin sharma quality of your thoughts quote

12. “The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma masterful consistency for success

13. “Success lies in a masterful consistency around the fundamentals.” – Robin Sharma

be the person you want to be robin sharma quotation

14. “Today’s a great day to behave as the person you’ve always wanted to be.” – Robin Sharma

faith over fear quote for succes in life

15. “For your life to be great, your faith must be bigger than your fear.” – Robin Sharma

to achieve the impossible robin sharma mindset saying

16. “To achieve the impossible, you need to first develop the mindset that it’s probable.” – Robin Sharma

choice precedes results robin sharma

17. “Awareness precedes choice and choice precedes results.” – Robin Sharma

success within yourself robin sharma quote to inspire

18. “Success on the outside means nothing unless you also have success within.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma build an awesome life caption

19. “To construct an awesome life, build your daily life around your deepest priorities.” – Robin Sharma

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motivational quote about chasing your dreams

20. “Close all your escape routes, burn all your plan b’s and get busy doing that dream that only you were built to do.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma make a decision quote

21. “Sometimes success isn’t about making the right decision, it’s more about making some decision.” – Robin Sharma

daily practice with relentless perseverance saying

22. “The secret to genius is not genetics but daily practice married with relentless perseverance.” – Robin Sharma

Confidence Quotes From Robin Sharma

robin sharma dont know how to quit

23. “Become one of the rare people who don’t know how to quit.” – Robin Sharma

conquer many fears robin sharma saying for confidence

24. “Once you slay one fear you’ll conquer many fears.” – Robin Sharma

lasting personal change for self confidence caption

25. “In my work as a success coach with people around the world, I’ve realized that lasting personal change does not require you to turn your life upside down.” – Robin Sharma

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find your next best self quote to be confident

26. “You can’t get to your next best self by clinging to who you were yesterday.” – Robin Sharma

the person you become when you acheive your goals

27. “The real value of setting and achieving goals lies not in the rewards you receive, but in the person you become as a result of reaching your goals.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma willpower and discipline quote

28.Discipline and will-power deliver you to the highest level of living possible.” – Robin Sharma

small daily improvement robin sharma quotation

29. “Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.” – Robin Sharma

hard work opens doors in life quote for confidence

30. “Hard work opens doors and shows the world that you are serious about being one of those rare – and special – human beings who use the fullness of their talents to do their very best.” – Robin Sharma

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momentum to change yourself in life quote

31. “The same momentum that will propel your mindset to its highest levels will take you to physical mastery.” – Robin Sharma

make it better than yesterday quote from robin sharma

32. “The beautiful thing about today is that you get the choice to make it better than yesterday.” – Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma Love Sayings & Captions

love is the secret weapon of the iconic entrepreneur quote

33. “Love is the secret weapon of the iconic entrepreneur. Work with love, lead with love, serve with love. Do these and you become undefeatable.” – Robin Sharma

show up with outright love robin sharma

34. “Be a warrior when it comes to delivering on your ambitions. And a saint when it comes to treating people with respect, modeling generosity, and showing up with outright love.” – Robin Sharma

if you dont act on life inspirational saying

35. “If you don’t act on life, life will act on you.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma devotion quote about love

36. “Your results are dependent on your devotion .” – Robin Sharma

trust that everything is unfolding in your best interests quotation

37. “No matter what you are experiencing in life right now, trust that all is unfolding in your best interests.” – Robin Sharma

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robin sharma life is a series of moments

38. “Life is a series of moments. If you miss the moments, you miss your life.” – Robin Sharma

give out what you most want quote caption

39. “Give out what you most want to come back.” – Robin Sharma

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robin sharma perfect future quote about love

40. “Why allow a painful past to destroy your perfect future.” – Robin Sharma

the boundaries of your life robin sharma

41. “The boundaries of your life are merely a creation of the self.” – Robin Sharma

create a life you adore quotation

42. “You are much closer than you think to creating a life you adore.” – Robin Sharma

Quotes To Inspire Happiness

your thoughts can create magic robin sharma happiness

43. “Your thoughts can create magic and everything you have ever wanted. Today’s thoughts build tomorrow’s dreams.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma life is a skill quote to inspire happiness

44. “Life is a skill. And like any other skill, once you know the ground rules and make the time to practice, you can get better.” – Robin Sharma

dream big quotation to be happy robin sharma

45.Dream Big. Start small. Act now.” – Robin Sharma

laughing is medicine for the soul quotation

46. “Laughing is medicine for the soul.” – Robin Sharma

quality of your life quote about happiness

47. “The quality of your life ultimately is shaped by the quality of your choices and decisions.” – Robin Sharma

what you focus on grows quotation

48. “What you focus on grows. What you concentrate on is what you see more of in your life.” – Robin Sharma

how strongly you finish quote from robin sharma

49. “What makes a champion is not how elegantly you start, but how strongly you finish.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma success is living on your terms quote

50. “Success is nothing more than living your life according to your own truth and your own terms.” – Robin Sharma

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gaint dreams quote from robin sharma about being happy

51. “Fill your brain with giant dreams so that there’s no space for petty pursuits.” – Robin Sharma

todays the time to do big things

52. “I wish for a world where people understand that life is short. So today’s the time to do big things.” – Robin Sharma

Inspirational Robin Sharma Quotes On Life

daily ripples of excellence quote for inspiration

53. “Daily ripples of excellence over time become a tsunami of success.” – Robin Sharma

mindset is everything caption to inspire robin sharma

54. “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” – Robin Sharma

powerful creator of your conditions inspirational quote

55. “When you see yourself as a powerful creator of your conditions, you will see opportunities to get to your goals, and dreams, all around you.” – Robin Sharma

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robin sharma strong enough to live this life

56. “You were given this life, because you are strong enough to live it.” – Robin Sharma

continuous improvements in areas that matter saying

57. “An extraordinary life is all about daily, continuous improvements in the areas that matter most.” – Robin Sharma

start pursuing opportunity robin sharma quotation

58. “The real secret to a life of abundance is to stop spending your days searching for security and to start spending your time pursuing opportunity.” – Robin Sharma

how you start your day quotation for inspiration

59. “The way you start your day determines how well you live your day.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma better thing in life inspiring words

60. “Sometimes you have to get off track to discover a better track.” – Robin Sharma

great achievement requires great sacrifice robin sharma

61. “Great achievement always requires great sacrifice.” – Robin Sharma

Short Robin Sharma Quotes

robin sharma short improvement quote

62. “What gets measured gets improved.” – Robin Sharma

simplicity is the secret robin sharma

63. “The secret to productivity is simplicity.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma mastery lives consistency quotation

64. “At the heart of mastery lives consistency.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma persistence short caption

65. “Persistence gets you farther than brilliance.” – Robin Sharma

never be too busy to be kind saying

66. “Never be too busy to be kind.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma biggest opportunity quotation

67. “The activity you’re most avoiding contains your biggest opportunity.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma you are what you think short saying

68. “You are what you say to yourself all day long.” – Robin Sharma

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power of simplicity quote to inspire a new mindset

69. “Never overlook the power of simplicity.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma overcoming your fears in life short caption

70. “The fears we don’t face become our limits.” – Robin Sharma

never stop believing robin sharma quotation

71. “Defeat only happens when you stop believing.” – Robin Sharma

robin sharma be slow to criticize

72. “Be slow to criticize and fast to appreciate.” – Robin Sharma

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